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    Tiger King Crypto the Next Dogecoin? Price, Total Supply, and 3-Phase Plan of Joe Exotic Meme Coin

    A new cryptocurrency is joining the market following the surge in popularity of meme coins. Joe Exotic introduces the Tiger King Crypto, also represented as $TKING. Here is everything you need to know about the long-term plan and how to join the Tiger King Crypto coin.


    Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity over the last few months, particularly the once-considered joke coin, the Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency also proves to be a possible investment option with quick and high monetary returns. Lastly, meme coins show an incredible potential for resource adaptability in the market.



    Taking all of these into consideration, the Tiger King crypto coin is joining the digital money trend.


    Tiger King Crypto

    The Tiger King coin was introduced by Exotic, the man introduced as a “Tiger King” from the popular Netflix documentary of the same title.


    Joe joins the cryptocurrency blockchain with a 3-Phase roadmap of success. He advertises that the money received from these cryptocurrencies could be divided between his animal rescue cause and to pay the expense of his cancer treatment.


    Note, however, that $TKING makes its debut weeks after Carole Baskin introduced her $CAT crypto. Joe and Carole are recognized as competitors in their propaganda for animal rescue. On the official Tiger King Website, the coin is quoted, “We will never let Carole win! Find your inner Tiger as Joe, $TKING, and his legal team stage the comeback of the century! We will land the first tiger on the moon to free Joe! Team Joe for the win!” wat is opkomende crypto?


    In her launching, Baskin said that the $CAT crypto is neither “currency nor investment.” Instead, it is a fan token that could be used to raise funds, provide support, and give members privileges in her movement. $TKING crypto from Joe Exotic is expected to work in a different method, though.


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    3-Phase Plan on New Meme Coin

    Screenrant reported that Tiger King has a total supply of one trillion cryptocurrencies. Although the investment potential for this newly-founded coin remains vague, the Tiger King coin team noted that that they have a long-term plan laid out for their crypto development. They call it the $TKING Roadmap to Kingdom:


    How To Buy Tiger King Crypto

    YouTuber Dr Niki posted a quick video guide on how to Trade and Swap Tiger King crypto coins. You could buy Tiger King crypto in the digital markets mentioned above. However, Dr Niki recommended using Binance or CoinMarketCap. Note that when you are searching for the Tiger King coin, it falls under the category “Ethereum Contract.” De crypto staking tips zijn handig.


    If you have a preexisting account, you can complete the process by doing a “Uniswap.”


    At the time of writing, the Tiger King coin currently has a trade value of around $0.00000336.



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